Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Ladies of Coach

 In the last few articles we have discussed the history of Coach, attending the auction, providing feedback and creed patches… Whew! Now that you are all Coach and Tophatter mini expertstime to go shopping? Wait, not so fast… there are still a few more basics to learn! Let’s get acquainted with some of the gorgeous ladies of Coach and help you decide which one might be the right one for you! Today we will talk Alexandra, Chelsea, Carly, Zoe, Ashley and Peyton

Alexandra, characterized by her grace and poise, can often be spotted in signature or leather as a tote or her most exotic form, python or most recently as an over the top satchel (watch out Ashley)… Alexandra Chain Tote

Is it a classic you’re looking for? Chelsea likes to be seen in pebbled leather and often has a turnlock closure… usually a medium sized shoulder bag… she is a more serious bag… but she is also a chameleonshe has special bags which have two first names… Chelsea Ashlyn, Chelsea Jayden,

Maybe Carly is your girl… with her brass O rings, studs and signature C fabric… she exudes confidence as a large shoulder bag and is quite sassy as a demi

Zoe… loves fun and shows it in flashy patent and she sometimes gets glammed up in patchwork… sleek with clean linesZoe Top Handle Pouch

Ashley is the grand dame of the Coach ladies and can often be found as both a small and large satchel in leather and signature fabric… she also takes the form of sateen and op art C to show off… she is also well known for her wallets and her life as a hippie… Ashley Satchel

Peyton… the drama queenknown best for her sometimes triangular silhouette, her python trim and big bold turnlocks… Coach Peyton Shoulder Hobo

Now that you’ve met some of the ladies which one might be the one for you?!!!
The bag(s) you love and carry the most should complement more than just your outfits, they should flatter your body type; it is just as important as getting the right fit in your clothing.

This season’s oversized bag is a must have, so sometimes we break the rules to carry the bag of the moment, but for the most part, your bag should always balance the proportions of your body.

Choosing your bags based on their relationship to your shape and size is key…

For Petite Women
Smaller styles are best, with shorter straps or handles. Choose a bag with minimal hardware and flash. When the body is petite, you need to keep your accessories clean, simple, and tonal to your outfits. Your bag should not compete with your small frame. Zoe Top Handle, Carly Demi or Ashley small satchel

For Taller Women
Most styles will flatter your figure. You're the coat hanger of the body types, so you wear accessories well. But keep in mind that a super-sized bag will only play up your lankiness and small delicate bags will get lost on you. Long shoulder bags, bucket bags and hobos are all winners. And bags with bold patterns and details will also play well against your model height… Large Carly or Peyton Hobo

Women with Fuller Figures
Carry a bag that has some volume and size to keep things in proportion with your silhouette. Keep your outfits simple and let your bag do the talking. Smaller pochette bags carried under your arm will only play up your fullness. Make sure the bag sits above or below the fullest part of your body not on it. Try and keep your bag away from your body if possible by carrying it in your hand, in the bend of your arm, or dropped low at your knees. Chelsea or Large Carly

The American "Average" Size 8 to 12 Woman
You should have an easy time choosing the size, shape and style of the bag you'll carry, since most will flatter. Keep things in the middle just like your body. Avoid extremes, large and small, and you should be fine. Alexandra, Peyton or Ashley…
These are just some of the many famous ladies of Coach… who suits you best?

Wait, before you decide, tune in for our next installmentwe will look at Amanda, Leah, Julia, Penelope, Mia and Hailey… more gorgeous Coach ladies you should get to know…

And here is tonight's All Coach Partner Auction giveaway question! And don't forget, you need to be present at the end of the auction in order to win!

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  1. Just bought my first coach purse on tophatter...a demi so excited its comming tomorrow cant wait for my second purchase-!!!!!

  2. I like peyton.....sorry my phone erased that the first time!!