Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coach Leathers

Coach was first known for their leather bags and accessories.  They use something like the top 10% of the highest quality leathers in their products.  But not all leather is created the same, there is glove tanned leather, saddle and bridle leather, vachetta leather, saffiano leather and they all have specific qualities and characteristics.  Today I'd like to touch on glove tanned leather since the majority of all vintage bags were made with this material.

Vintage Coach is not quite the same as the purses today, because they used heavier leather cowhides. Each were truly handmade by individual artisans, including the overseas plants.

The vintage full-grain glove tanned leather was from a heavy/medium-weight cowhide with very specific processing and tanning. It was described as such because the method the leather was processed and tanned was similar to baseball gloves. This method gave it extra durability and certain characteristics that made Coach unique. There was also a process of chroming, which is still used today in their hides. Although the cowhide is full grain, the process would fill in most of the grain, giving it a more slick appearance and allowing the patina to form beautifully. It would darken over time, similar to a baseball glove. They would scar easily, but lasted for a long time. There are still Coach items made today with the glove-tanned method. 

Baseball leather is tanned using a process known as "chroming".  Chrome tanned leather is tanned using chromium salts, and it is much more supple and pliable than vegetable tanned leathers. Initially this leather is stiff, however with use it becomes broken in, just like a baseball glove, and it actually gets better over time.

Because of our love and dedication to Coach, we very often carry vintage leather bags in our auctions. I hope this article gives you a new appreciation for the enduring quality of Coach leather products.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebrities and Coach!

I thought it would be fun to find some pictures of celebrities carrying Coach bags, so I went on a hunt to see who I could find!

Here is Mandy Moore carrying a Legacy tote!

Here is Sara Chalke from Scrubs carrying her Coach bag:

Here is Jessica Alba:

Here is another Jessica Alba with a Straw Legacy Tote, She sure does love her Coach!

Here is Denise Richards with her Daphne bag:

Here is Eva Mendez with the Bonnie Convertible Foldover Tote:

Here is Hilary Duff:

And here is Fergie carrying her Bonnie Metallic Chain Tote:

Ok, so maybe you aren't a celebrity,  but now we can look like one with our Coach bags!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cleaning of Coach Products

How do I clean my Coach product?

We make our products with various types of fabrics and leathers. The smooth leather can be 

cleaned with our Coach Cleaner and Moisturizer Set. The signature jacquard fabric can be 

cleaned with our Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner. We do not suggest the cleaners or 

moisturizer be used on ink, grease or oil stains. We offer a brush and eraser to clean our 

Nubuc products.

Sig C Fabric Cleaner: 


Apply a small amount of cleaner to a clean soft white cloth and rub in gentle circular motions.

 Wipe away excess with a clean white dampened cloth. Blot dry with a clean white cloth and 

allow to air dry completely before reuse. For best results, use the product sparingly and blot dry 

completely after cleaning to minimize wetting the surface and to reduce the likelihood of 

leaving rings.The Sig C Fabric Cleaner can be used for the following  collections, which are 

crafted in signature jacquard fabric that has been specially treated to be water and 

stain repellant:

Classic Signature

Mini Signature

Optic Signature

Graphic Signature

Signature Stripe

****includes footwear styles made of above signature fabrications

Leather Cleaner: 


To remove dirt, apply a small amount with a clean, soft cloth using circular strokes. Wipe off

 residue and let dry for 30 minutes. We recommend using Coach Leather Moisturizer after 

cleaning to enhance the luster.To be used on the following collections: 

Soho Buck Leather

Soho Vintage Leather

Legacy Buck Leather

Hamptons Buck Leather

Polished Calf Leather

English Bridle Leather

Leather Moisturizer: 


To remove dirt and condition after cleaning, apply evenly with a clean, soft cloth using circular

 strokes. Wipe off residue and buff gently to produce a natural luster. We recommend using 

Coach Leather Cleaner before moisturizing.To be used on the following collections: 

Soho Buck Leather

Soho Vintage Leather

Soho Retro Treated Leather

Legacy Buck Leather

Hamptons Buck Leather

Polished Calf Leather 

English Bridle Leather


For suede styles, please follow the directions in the suede care kit that is included with each 


 Hamptons Suede 

Hamptons Mosaic

Soho Suede

Chelsea Nubuc

Although the following Coach collections are treated to be water and stain repellant, mild soap 

and water can be used on the following collections (Coach cleaners can not be used): 

Hamptons Weekend Scarf Print

Hamptons Weekend Patchwork

Hamptons Weekend Solid

Hamptons Weekend Scribble C

Chelsea pony hair

Chelsea metallic

Patent Leather

Soho Twill

Weekend Denim

Quilted C


Signature Patchwork

 Vintage Sig Tie Dye

Legacy Cotton

Legacy Straw

Beach Stripe 

Soft Pebble

Hamptons Pebbled Leather

Chelsea Pebbled Leather

Coach Suede Cleaning

Brush gently with a soft suede brush to remove stains or marks. For stubborn 

stains, use a suede eraser first, then brush gently with a suede brush. These 

directions are applicable for the 

following fabrications: 



Kid Suede

Although the following Coach collections are treated to be water and stain 

repellant, mild soap and water can be used on the following fabrications:

Quilted Signature C


A soft bristle brush can be used on the following. Treat with Scotchguard if 

weather-proofing is desiired: 

Hamptons Twill

This information was taken from the Coach Website

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